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Pecans & Maple Syrup Granola – 400g


Divina Krunch: Pecans and Maple Syrup


What if sugar season never ended? This is now possible thanks to Divina Krunch’s Pecans and Maple Syrup  granola. Made with real maple syrup and delicious pecans, this cereal will greet you with a small sweet taste of spring every morning.  You’ll love the subtle taste of maple syrup, and will be even more delighted with the 6 grams of protein found in each serving. Not to mention that the cereal contains no artificial flavour or colouring and is a great source of fibre. This sumptuous mixture of crunchy whole-grain oatmeal and barley will make you feel like in seventh heaven. Go ahead, give in to the temptation!

  • 400g box size
  • 6g of protein per serving
  • Made with real maple syrup
  • Non gmo grains
  • No artificial colors of flavors
  • Source of fiber

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