Granola with Quinoa, UTZ cocoa , Cranberries & Almonds

NEW – Quinoa,Cranberries, Almonds & Cacao


Divina Krunch cranberry, almond and cacao cereals please the palate of granola enthusiasts and that of the most avid quinoa lovers! Each portion of these delicious GMO-free cereals contains 22 grams of whole grain, including quinoa, which has good quality protein and high protein content, polyunsaturated fats, and numerous micronutrients. And what about their delectable chocolate taste that comes from UTZ-certified cocoa, cultivated sustainably and in a way that respects both workers and the environment? This chocolate is good for you and for humanity!  Top it all off with “krunchy” oat flakes that hit your taste buds with exquisite flavours from all sides, and you get a heavenly blend of flavours with divine properties!


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